What is TEP?

TEP is a form of deep tissue massage that works to promote myofascial release (soft tissue surrounding muscles). It helps to integrate emotions and experiences that have been stored in various areas of the body by re-connecting to body-mind awareness. Often this happens through a freeing of emotions which in turn releases the areas of tension in the body.

By definition TEP is an acronym for the Spanish words ‘Tiferet Eje Psico-corporal which in English means:

T = Tiphereth (Sacred sphere of wisdom & beauty of life);
E = Axis (the spinal column), and
P = Psycho-Corporeal (mind/body).

TEP promotes physical and emotional release through a series of 10 empowering sessions. The body is addressed in 7 major segments always bringing awareness to emotions the client is experiencing.
  • face
  • chest
  • arms & hands
  • back
  • pelvic girdle (front & back)
  • upper legs to pelvis
  • lower legs and feet
​Each session is approximately 1hr.


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