It has been tremendously joyful to collaborate with my dear friend and colleague Sindy Taylor.  Our tandem therapy with individuals has proven to be effective for those who wish to go deep and far in one session.  A+ to all of you.

Tandem  Sessions

Cost:     $350
Length of time:     up to 1.5 hrs
Location:     Kitsilano or English Bay
Availability:     Tuesday’s  (other days are possible however we would need to coordinate)
To book:     Send an email either to myself  or to Sindy

What does a Tandem session look like?

There is not a single method  or technique that is used.  It is a creative process of walking with you while you explore and integrate areas of your body-mind that are frozen, disconnected, rejected or unwanted. We start with where you are at and what needs most to be addressed when you arrive.  We use various psycho-therapy techniques, along with transpersonal and subtle energy work.  These may include techniques such as, gestalt, bio-energetics, massage, craniosacral, energy healing, sound healing and plants.

All of this helps to promote better flow in your body, which in-turn allows the natural process of transformation and healing to unfold.  The results are, more self awareness, more clarity, and magical moments of AHA!

We finish the session by ensuring that you are grounded and we may even have a cup of tea.

What is different about this?

Although Sindy and I are both grounded in Body-Mind therapy we are also both intuitive. We have extensive backgrounds in working in the realms of subtle energetics due to our own life journey.  This means that an element of our work together also includes the magic of such healing, it also means that the container holding space for you is bigger than either of us could hold on our own.

We look forward to walking, exploring, and growing with you!

Thank-you for the healing the other day.
I found the healing provocative especially with the two of you working together in symphony. With both of you, I felt this incredible dance of support and a sacred space that was safe and free to express comfortably. I feel blessed to have experience your intriguing magical work and sense this deeper honouring within myself where I feel more connected to my body in a viscerally grounded enlightened state of being. Gratitude to you both for furthering my journey to wellness. I wish you both an incredible life of love and laughter…💖 It is my hope to connect again soon.
Thank-you again for your courage, wisdom and devotion to the power of healing, the World needs more dedicated healers like yourselves assisting in dramatically changing lives.🌈
In Love & Light, Kelley

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