Personal Sessions: $125.00

Group Sessions: $45.00

What is Body-Mind Therapy?

At the most basic, it is the premise that all aspects of our suffering and trauma is a result of disassociation from our body-mind. Therefore the focus of this therapy is to reconnect. Reconnect our mind, emotions, and senses to our body.  In doing so the body naturally resolves the issues which block the flow of the whole being from being in present moment.

Why Body-Mind Therapy?

Why not!   Actually, because I have seen amazing moments of AHA completely transform individuals  and groups of people (including myself), when body-mind connections are made. These AHA moments bring clarity, free up energy blocked in the physical body and can release your hidden potential to achieve aspirations and dreams. This kind of therapy is for those who wish to make real changes in their lives. It is, for the courageous, for those of you who are willing to let go of everything you know and believe about yourself and the world you perceive around you. The journey may occasionally be difficult, however  – – – – it IS rewarding!

What does a session look like?

Firstly it is important to know that there is no particular format and no specific technique. The techniques that are utilized range from traditional psycho-therapy to the transpersonal, such as gestalt, bio-energetic postures, massage, and even soul retrieval.

The session starts with where you are at and what is alive in you when you arrive.  Then depending on what that is will depend on what techniques are used.  Essentially, we walk on a journey together to unblock the natural flow of your body-mind, integrating with awareness to have more potency and efficacy in your life.

“Our potency is held dormant within our shadow, the places we are so afraid to see. ” – Sara Kinakin

Why Would You Choose This?

  • to break through the ceiling of your career and/or creative life
  • to gain more energy and tap into your latent wisdom
  • to be more present for yourself and those around you
  • to complete unhealthy repetitive patterns
  • to live your most authentic and fulfilling life – – EVERYDAY!