Therapy sessions

One to One therapy sessions

Each session is 45 – 80 minutes long, and designed to unblock flow in your body-mind whilst strengthening your connection to your own innate wisdom. More here.

TEP Integration:

This is a series of 10 sessions that are designed to reconnect you to your body-mind. More here

Tandem therapy sessions:

These sessions are for individuals who wish to go deep quickly. This is when you get the wisdom and support of two body-mind practitioners at the same time.  More here.

Therapy packages:

I have found that those most successful in healing and connecting to their own resources and wisdom are those who commit to a series of sessions.  Therefore to facilitate this, I have created a couple of packages.

You should note that when you do a series of sessions or a package you have access to my experience and wisdom for the time that has been committed to.  I am not simply working with you when we see each other; I am going through my day to day activities with you in mind, searching for tips, tricks and techniques that will facilitate your learning and connection to yourself.


My workshops are focused on the power of dreams to help your healing and access your own unique genius while you sleep.  I know… at first it seems a little hard to believe that dreaming can help one heal, but in actuality it is true.

At the most basic dreams are a bridge to our unconscious wisdom.  They have a profound capacity to bring awareness to things we ignore or cannot see.  We can use this information to solve daily problems or activate our genius to propel us into the next evolution of ourselves.

I have two types of dream workshops, in person and online.

‘The Magic in Dreams and Symbols’  (in person)

This is a playful full day experiential workshop to begin to understand the language of symbols and the potency of dreams.  More info

‘Dreaming into Wellness and Genius’ (on-line)

This is a  6 week on-line course where individuals will get to learn step by step how to unlock the wisdom in their dreams. More info

Tea Parties

I love tea, and I love meeting and connecting with people.  These tea parties are a discussion group about dreams.  Since dreams are a simple way to heal and tea parties are a good way to build a strong community I invite you to host a tea party.  We will share dreams and I will offer tips and tricks to remembering dreams and help you get on your way to dreaming yourself to wellness. More info.

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