Sara at heart is a story teller. Her passion for life and the belief in the magic of our ever evolving human condition is the foundation from which she contributes. She began in community development and capacity building, which evolved to include youth leadership and diverse cultural awareness. Now she is offering all that she has learned in the form of Body-Mind Therapy.

She has been practicing TEP, a form of myofascial release part-time since 2011, when she experienced the transformative outcomes of body centered therapy.  Since then, she has found that clients are often surprised by the depth and capacity of this work. For her, it is an effective way to support individuals who wish to grow beyond what they currently know of themselves.

Sara completed an intensive 3-year training program as an Ontogonic Body-Mind Practitioner and an extension year in Ontogonic Hypnotherapy. This knowledge along with her natural intuitive abilities, offers an in-depth, creative and whole person approach to moving to the next level of your life.

Sara encourages collaborations with other practitioners who have other skill sets in-order to grow, learn and share together.

My Philosophy:

I believe that each of us has the capacity to heal ourselves and overcome obstacles to experience a vibrant, fulfilling and joyous life.  It is part of our very nature to support each other by giving and receiving.

Strengthening the connection between our body-mind offers a profound natural approach to healing and accessing our own wisdom. We have the capacity to heal ourselves and uncover wondrous gifts that were previously hidden. I am delighted to share all that I have learned and walk with others through this journey.

I offer personal and group sessions in which one experiences the transformative process of making the body-mind connection. This will allow you to gain clarity, become more aware, more present, and awaken your hidden potential. It will expand the capacity to magically bloom in your own life.