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In your heart of hearts is the secret dream, the one you so very rarely share.
It longs to break free and infuse your life, but only if you dare.
The elders say, use your dreams – to breakthrough the blocks
. . . and uncover the self-imposed locks
For what awaits, is the liberated heart
Fruits, that connecting to the soul and spirit impart
– Sara Kinakin (2019)

Join Sindy and I (Sara) for a 5-week workshop series ~ “The Magic of Dreams & Symbols”

Dates: TBA February


Location:  3327 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Time:    6:30pm – 9:00pm
Cost:    $199 (series of 5)

This is an experiential workshop where you will begin to learn the language of symbols through dream play, observation and inquiry. Some techniques used are drawn from Jungian, Reichian and Aldlerian psychotherapy, while others are drawn from the magic of the moment.

This series is for individuals who. . .

  • wish to interpret their own dreams
  • want to change recurring patterns
  • are psychotherapists and psychologists that wish to gain somatic experience in dream interpretation

In this series you will . . .

  • begin to learn the symbolic language of dreams
  • open the door to your own unconscious and wisdom
  • experience and unlock your own symbolic language to affect your daily life
  • access your hidden potential to embody more joy and harmony

What to expect?

A whole lot of fun and a few moments of AHA!

We will have the opportunity to interpret 1 or 2 dreams during the 2.5 hrs together. This will include exercises that help build experiential learning of the symbolic language through dream play and observation. This will be done is small groups and as a collective. The “Dreamer” will experience the potency of the symbols within their dream first hand by embodying each symbol.  The group will learn by observing how the meaning  or theme of dream begins to take shape as the dreamer walks through the symbols.

This workshop series is both fun and profound.

Sindy and I look forward to you joining us. ‘In the spirit of growth and happiness’

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